Plant Domaine was formed in 1992. Since then we’ve expanded operations and we now service Sacramento and the Greater Bay Area. Our clients include offices, malls, hotels, residences and a wide range of building interiors and exteriors. We take great pride in our customer service with a premium placed on detail. From horticultural design and installation, to weekly landscape maintenance, we are committed to excellence at all stages of a project. Our buyers select tropical plants from all over the world for the specific location and presentation of each project; we always do our best to find the highest quality possible.

Our theory is that in addition to creating a comfortable and healthy environment, living plants reinforce a company’s professional image. The presence and condition of healthy plants speaks volumes about the quality of a company’s operations. Not only do retail and commercial spaces benefit from living plants, but homes are also greatly affected. While injecting style and character into the space, tropical plants remove toxins from the air, thereby improving the quality of life for inhabitants. If you would like more information on how plants affect our living and working environments please call or email us, we would be happy to schedule a personal consultation to discuss how we may help you. We look forward to new challenges and the possibility of creating more beautiful and healthy environments throughout Northern California.





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